Dog on dog turf synthetic grass potty pad

Dogs Love Dog Turf!

What Our Customers Have to Say...

Dog Mat Works Swimmingly as Boat's 'Front Yard'!

My family and I and our big yellow lab have been sailing around Pacific Mexico and the Sea of Cortez for the past three years on our Catamaran. We quickly solved the dog on boat problem by installing some grommets in a 3' x 2' Dream Turf mat.  Our dog took to it immediately and it worked great until a recent squall snapped the lanyard and washed it overboard.  Your product showed absolutely zero signs of any wear in an extremely harsh environment with heavy duty use.  We are currently up in Washington visiting family and I was wondering how I could replace the lost dog mat or as we call it "the front yard".

-- Patrick

The Quality of the Grass is Excellent!

Puppies love Dog Turf"I thought you might enjoy seeing what I did with the Dog Turf  I got from you about 3 weeks ago.

It's probably obvious, but I just made a wood frame and put the synthetic grass inside with adult incontinence pads underneath.  The poop just sits on top and the pee drains down to the pad.  The quality of the grass is excellent!  I wash the grass every couple of days and it looks like they will never, ever wear out.  Everyone who has seen this has loved it.  It sure made training easier.  There was no transition from learning to go inside versus outside.  Our puppies knew right away what to do and so far they have never had an accident in their nursery.

Thanks again! Much appreciated!

-- Charolette Mace

Best Thing Ever!

"The best thing that ever happened to my dog! He loves the Dog Turf potty system, and it allows him to be safe and warm in the house on cold, winter days. Thank you for your great product!"

-- John and Dorothy Erickson, Edmund

Our Dog Loves His Potty Pad

"Our dog, Barney, just loves his new Potty Pad. No more worrying about taking him outside to potty in the middle of the night. When he wants to, he just uses it. Easy cleanup, too! We love it"!

-- Sheila and Frank Hollington, Shoreline

Love the Turf Mat!

I received the turf mat today and love it!  When the sun is shining, I will send pic. Thanks John!

-- Wendy Stubenrauch

Dog Turf Installed in Backyard in Sammamish, WA

Looks great, your crew was very professional and did a very nice job. Thank you again!

-- Mark and Jill Reich