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Dog Turf: Like Real Grass, Only Better! 

Young dogs, old dogs, big dogs, small dogs: whatever your kind of dog, Dog Turf is designed to make your life easier.

Dog Turf isn't just any old artificial turf. It's artificial turf developed just for dogs. It drains faster than other turfs and has antimicrobial additives built into the turf blades and the backing. It looks good, it's hygienic, and it's soft and comfortable on delicate paws.

Dog Turf is a permanent solution for residential landscaping and kennels.

It's available exclusively from Dream Turf and selected agents nationwide. 

Like real grass, only better

A lot of the artificial turf out there is just not suitable turf for dogs. Dog Turf is superior because it's anti-bacterial and non-absorbent, and the unique backing lets liquids escape rapidly.

Older dogs will know what Dog Turf is for as soon as you introduce it. Puppies will quickly learn to use the turf instead of your carpet. They will associate Dog Turf with going outside on real grass.

That's why Dog Turf is the best artificial turf for dogs you can buy. Read about the many advantages of Dog Turf!

Dog Turf is the perfect answer for kennels with its anti-bacterial and non-absorbent qualities.