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Advantages of Buying From Dream Turf

Product Quality -- Dream Turf designs and custom manufactures all of their synthetic turfs. The products are EXCLUSIVE to Dream Turf and its dealer network. Our products have been designed to replicate natural Northwest grass. Most of the competition buys from distributors or manufacturers who sell products that are generic and created for California and Arizona markets, not the Pacific Northwest. We purchase in large volumes (40' containers every month) and that volume has given us the latitude to purchase direct with full influence on designing our products for our specific market.

Inventory -- Because we purchase large volumes, we typically stock over 100,000 square feet of turf so we don't have lag times waiting for turf to arrive. Most of the competition does not keep ANY inventory and they purchase the turf after they have sold the job. Dream Turf also maintains a large inventory of accessory products at our 7 acre distribution facility in Snohomish. We keep large inventories of all components needed to install turf including: Gravel, filter fabric, borders, spikes, seam tape, and sand.

Experience -- With over 7,000 installations performed in the Northwest, Dream Turf is the unrivaled leader in the market. Our employees are certified, experienced technicians and all have been taught the proper methods of installation. This is their full time job; we are not landscapers or contractors that just happen to do a little turf as an option ... TURF is our business.

No Sub-Contractors – Dream Turf does not sub-contract any of its work to outside labor forces. Synthetic turf is a difficult trade to learn and by sub-contracting any work, you are likely to compromise the job. You can expect a uniformed Dream Turf crew from start to finish on your job. Our crews are clean and courteous and respectful of you and your property. They will show up on time and perform the work as promised.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured – We believe in operating ethically and above board. The cost of doing business in Washington is high but proper licensing and insurance is the law and was designed to protect YOU the consumer. Please check our credentials. Our Washington State Contractor's License is # DREAMTL987DA. We suggest you lookup any contractor before agreeing to any work, simply by going to Washington State Labor & Industries website at and then click on "Look Up a Contractor". You can find out if they have a license and if they do, are they in good standing? Some competitors are not properly licensed, bonded and insured. This should be a serious red flag that these companies are either unethical, insolvent or very ignorant about simple business practices. We are also fully insured privately as well as through L&I. If an employee were to get injured on your property, they are covered and so are you. Don't be afraid to ask for a copy of our insurance policy and/or our contractor's license. Please do your due diligence so that you will have a pleasant and hassle free experience.

Customer Service – About half our business comes from referral. Our attention to details and standing behind our products has made us successful for the past 22 years. We strive to offer excellent customer service before, during and after the sale. Thank you for considering Dream Turf and we hope to add you to our list of happy, satisfied customers.