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Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Turf

Q: What makes Dog Turf different from other synthetic turfs?

A: Dog Turf has a unique backing that lets liquids escape rapidly. Dog Turf also has engineered an antimicrobial agent into the turf blades and backing.

Q: I've seen some synthetic grass that has a felt like backing and am concerned this may absorb my dog's waste and cause odors?

A: This is true, there are many artificial turf products made and many are just not suitable for dog applications. Dog Turf does not absorb liquids and is the best product available for dog applications.

Q: Does your artificial turf contain nylon?

A: NO. We don't use nylon in any of our turf products as it will absorb urine. Nylon is also more abrasive than other polymers and tends to be shiny as well.

Q: What do I need to do for maintenance?

A: It is a good idea to clean up your pet's waste frequently and rinse on an as needed basis. Wet climates like Seattle don't need as frequent rinsing as Mother Nature takes care of this for you. Raking or using a leaf blower to remove debris is also recommended.

Q: Can I put Dog Turf on top of my deck or balcony?

A: In most cases, yes. A larger installation should implement a drain tile or mat installed between the deck membrane and the turf to allow for proper drainage. Installing over an elevated wood deck is not a good idea unless it is a small Potty Patch. A wood deck needs air to breathe and the turf or it can rot. Wood also can absorb urine leading to foul odors. A composite deck is a good alternative to wood as it will not rot or absorb urine.

Q: How does Dog Turf withstand my dog that likes to dig?

A: If we professionally install the turf, it will be nearly impossible for your dog to damage the turf.

Q: Is Dog Turf good for using on a boat?

A: Absolutely. You can use a Potty Patch on your transom or a Potty System anywhere else on your boat with excellent results. It is also safe to rinse Dog Turf with salt water. Now you can take your dog on extended boat trips without having to dock frequently to allow your pet to relieve himself.

Q: Is this a good option for dog kennels?

A: It really is a terrific product for a kennel. It is easy to clean and soft and comfortable for your dog.

Q: My lawn gets muddy every year and then my dog tracks mud in our home, can Dog Turf correct this problem?

A: Dog Turf is the ideal remedy for heavy traffic lawns or grass that does not drain well. Our professionally installed Dog Turf will make your backyard usable year round without mud or standing water.